I want FitFirst to be about more than just fitness; it must be an experience.

FitFirst is platform to change lives, to have an impact, to improve confidence, faith and self-worth. I know how wonderful I feel when I feel fit and strong and motivated to push myself harder. And I want to share that…

I am true Pretoria girl, born and bred, attending Pretoria High School for Girls and studying at Tuks, I have represented national and provincial sports teams and have always shared a true passion for fitness and health. After completing my Bcom LLB and Taxation Honours in 2011, I had a taste of the corporate world at Deloitte and I realized there that the legal or taxation routes were not for me. While trying to squeeze a gym session in after these 10-hour work days, I realized that I needed a fast, enjoyable and effective fitness solution outside of the gym.

So, I started FitFirst, incorporating a training methodology that is highly effective, with sessions offered in small, personal groups, outside of a gym, and best of all, only taking 30 minutes from start to finish. I’ve never looked or felt better!


Joining FitFirst was a no brainer because it’s so unique – there is that personal touch between me as your trainer, and our clients, while still enjoying a group environment.

I’m a certified personal trainer specializing in weight loss, group sessions and strength and conditioning. My passion for fitness moves me to push our clients to reach their full potential. I know how great I feel when I’m fit and in shape, and I want to help others achieve that same feeling!


My fitness journey began with football and rugby. This naturally lead me to strength training as a means of gaining a competitive edge. I am an experimentalist at heart and I love applying my creativity in different training approaches.

I am a huge fan of high intensity strength training, including hill sprints, plyometrics, calisthenics and gymnastics. My focus has shifted towards mobility as a means of increasing my flexibility and proprioception. I believe that mobility and range of motion are intrinsically linked to the expression of strength.

I believe in the HIIT training philosophy and a holistic approach to fitness. I love engaging with my clients and encouraging my clients to achieve more. I look forward to sharing my passion and energy with the FitFirst Community.

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